Take one.

Our video and audio studio.

Coming up with ideas is great, but we also strongly believe in prototyping. Try before you die. If you want to iterate fast, there's nothing better than having the right tools at hand. That's why, at Greenhouse, we have an audio and film studio. To make quick visuals and tests that give us exactly what we need as proof of our concepts.


Our studios are modest. No high-end sci-fi blockbuster-like special EFX will be produced here. But it's versatile and big enough to be able to do tabletop, photo and video shoots. 

We're equipped with an in-house production department to create a wide variety of content. Having consultation around the corner and keeping our eye on the ball is what makes us extremely efficient. 



Our audio studio, called Het Stroomhuisje, is built in one of the old vaults in which Philips stored its patents. In here we record squeaky clean and super safe sounds. Suitable for many types of voice-overs, or to record a podcast. Farewell, robot voices!