ING x TikTok

A TikTokking bank

ING’s purpose is “Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business”. Within this topic, financial health among youngsters is an important theme, as the number of young people with debts is increasing. And at the same time, this is the hardest target audience actually to make an impact on as a bank.  Our goal is to make financial health interesting for young adults and students.

Social Strategy

We stepped into the shoes of Gen Z and went to the place where they spend time: TikTok. We developed a unique, ongoing TikTok native content strategy that challenges us to create authentic, personal, and engaging content that doesn’t just grab the attention, but also keeps it.

Content Creation & Management

How? By giving ING a literal face by letting actual employees star in the videos. And by turning financial health topics into relevant content for youngsters in a way that fits the platform. Using subtle (but smart) branding, tapping into viral trends, and creating a user generated vibe. Quite different from cropping Facebook content into 9:16 and advertising it.

Social Campaigns

We found the sweet spot between topics ING wants to talk about, things our audience wants to see and hear, and content that matches TikTok. Whether it’s about information, tips or education. All of that by showing courage and putting yourself out there, as the very first Dutch bank.