Social Content

Do Your Thing in social

In 2019 ING launched their first global brand positioning ‘do your thing’. This was the right moment to recalibrate the social content strategy as it had become a bit of a hodgepodge with a lot of different formats, non-aligned channel tactics and no clear KPI’s. 

ING asked us to come up with a new social content strategy in which all the content was made relevant in the context of Do Your Thing, with a clear role for ING in every piece of content.

Social Strategy

ING is a purpose-led brand. The purpose of ING is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and business. That’s why ING believes that ‘progress is always possible. This purpose is translated into meaningful client experiences by making banking frictionless, so people can do more of what really moves them (hence; do your thing). 

Content Creation & Management

The challenge was to bring ING’s purpose and positioning to life over a longer period of time through social content. Especially tapping into typical social media characteristics and behaviour instead of broadcasting banking propositions.

Social Campaigns

So to stay a step ahead in life, people come up with innovative ideas. This also proves that innovative ideas are not necessarily big and technologically advanced. Most often they are small and really practical and it’s always the people that turn an idea into action who are able to create real impact, when their ideas get shared.


Social Strategy

From this idea, we worked towards three simple content themes


Inspiring content; people sharing their ideas and in that way inspire others and help them progress in life covering the different strategic domains.

Enabling content; ING explaining how (innovative) tools and information enables people to progress in life through - but not exclusively - frictionless banking releases and features.

Sharing the progress content; Stimulating the sharing of ideas to grow their impact in the different strategic domains.