This Valentine, love starts ICI.

The heat is on. Love is in the air and St. Valentine is coming at you like a wrecking ball. No stress. Just run to ICI PARIS XL, get some personal advice and buy that perfectly wrapped gift for the love of your life. But what made you do it..?

Every business wants to have a piece of the St. Valentine's pie. We made sure that ICI PARIS XL got a big chunk of it. Research done with the Greenhouse Data team showed us that advertising during the last two days before Valentine's Day has very little effect on brand preference. So we've created a campaign to get ICI PARIS XL in the evoked set of consumers fast, by extending the campaign span.

Next, we've built a strategy based on the theory of Agape love. Where traditional theories look at the act of gifting as a transfer of value to which the gifter expects something in return, the Agape love model defines gifting as a true altruistic act. Defining gifting without expecting something in return, in a way, as the purest form of love.

In the weeks ramping up to Valentine's day, we started talking about all the different kinds of love in existence. Wrapped in a fresh design with a nostalgic look and feel, we've created an emotional campaign remembering people what love - in its core - meant to them.

Radio commerial | ICI PARIS XL - Belgium