Diss your friends.

Epic Live Diss Session of Hungriness.

In 2019 Snickers turned "You’re not you when you’re hungry" into "Your friends are not themselves when they're hungry" and encouraged teens to call out their friends on their hungry behaviour.

For once, Snickers wanted a different approach for their famous "You're not you when you're hungry"-campaign. They challenged us to create a campaign that revolved around someone's friends, instead of an individual.

With notable Hunger shirts, Hunger bars and an innovative livestream we provided the target group with playful tools and opportunities to diss their hungry friends, while seamlessly tying influencer marketing and Instagram Live together.

Adobe Character Animator and a lot of duct tape made our illustrated diss rapper come to life. On social media we asked the audience for some spicy input for our one hour long livestream, which were turned into witty oneliners by battlerapper L-Deep.