Breikers. De Week Zonder Spits.

Enhance your productivity, happiness and job satisfaction.

The average driver spends 60 hours a year in traffic jams in and around Amsterdam. Such a dreary start of the day affects your ability to concentrate, raises stress levels and reduces overall job satisfaction.

That's why we introduced De Week Zonder Spits, for a happier and more productive life.

Did you know that in the Amsterdam area, only 17.000 cars make the difference between a chill or stressful ride to work? This got us thinking when we were creating De Week Zonder Spits.

The campaign, involving both organizations and employees, invited people to work the first hour of their day at home (and leave an hour later) to experience what stress-free commuting feels like.

To get our message across, we introduced Breikie: spokesperson, motivator and happiness guru all in one. Breikie showed how easy working at home can be and how wonderful life is when you travel outside of rush-hour.