Rapid useful consumer insights

A great strategy and concept are often a result of strong insight. Based on this spark an idea is born. Then a process that is driven by hypotheses and hunches follows.
A feeling that it might work.
Because it is different, new, fresh. 

But are you really sure, will it also be perceived this way by the target audience? Sometimes you just need to test it, before you build it. In an efficient, fast and low-cost way. That’s why we developed KLNKBRD.


To get quantifiable insights a minimum of a week and an audience of at least 300.000 people is needed. We anonymously test strategies and concepts to get authentic results. Respondents are found on social media channels and use than a typeform questionnaire to answer our questions. These are then analysed and turned into a compact report. 

How to get started

We developed KLKNBRD as a lightweight and fast tool to test creative work and strategy. So getting started should be easy and fast as well. No long setup time. No weighty report documents. But clear and compact consumer-driven insights and feedback that help you discover what fails and works. Contact: dirk@weareblossom.com and we will get you up-and-running in a heartbeat.

Tempur 30 Day Sleep Challenge. For this project, we had to find out what the right approach was to keep people involved for a month.